James is a Southern California native with a father who taught high school wood shop and a mother who rebuilt her house literally from the ground up.  He has an MFA from University of California, Irvine and has worked professionally as a craftsman for over 12 years.  

Our past clients include:

Vielmetter Los Angeles - Art Gallery

Mark Rodriguez - Artist

Jenny Yurshansky- Artist

Maya Gurantz - Artist

Pope.L - Artist

Charles Gaines - Artist

Patrick Wilson - Artist

Steve Roden - Artist

Rodney McMillian - Artist

My Barbarian - Artists

Professional Fine Art Services - Custom Framers

Crossroads School for the Arts - School

The shop is located in the West Adams area of Los angeles,  just off the 10.  We have a full suite of woodworking equipment and a couple of stray cats.


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